The world’s fastest growing major economy is a 1.3bn pool of talent,entrepreneurship and technology.

  • India is in the middle of a massive surge in business confidence and optimism and is increasingly taking a prominent place on the world stage.
  • This is the sum of many parts including:
  • 1/5th of the world’s population embracing technology and rapid change.
  • A high percentage of youth relative to the overall population: in 2017 50% < 25 years old.
  • Increasing macroeconomic stability driven by Prime Minister Modi’s policies and reforms.
  • Increasing infrastructure: new telecom, roads, airports, power, sanitation, utilities etc.
  • A Digital Tsunami: Rise of Digital India.
  • High economic growth rates : From being ranked 9th by GDP in 2014 India is poised to become the world’s 3rd largest economy by 2030.
  • From 2016 consumption by Indians has increased more than threefold in the past 10 years and is poised for similar growth in the next decade—leading to a tenfold increase in 20 years—a feat at this scale that has happened very few times in human history.
  • There is no doubt India is poised to be the world’s 3rd largest economy by 2030.
  • The Indian consumer and all the businesses required to support this market is THE vast Indian opportunity.


  • We at Orbis believe that the Indian story represents a once in a lifetime opportunity and so since 2016 we have quickly established a local presence, set up local partnerships and expanded our contacts into the Indian market.
  • We have established a pan Indian presence with contacts in numerous local networks.
  • We have established and nurtured local and high level contacts and partnerships, in both Indian corporates and at various levels of state and national government. Examples include:
  • A major partnership with a pan Indian sales management consulting firm founded by the ex CEO of an Indian subsidiary of a global technology giant.
  • Extensive contacts in national government both in the BJP ruling party and in the opposition Congress party.
  • Extensive contacts in the various National ministries, e.g. Top civil servants in the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Air.
  • Regular meetings with UK and other countries Indian consulates and associated business groupings e.g UKIBC.

How can we help you ?

Despite all these positives, in our experience India is still a difficult market to understand, penetrate and grow in, even if you are a local Indian company.
However, through our local networks and contacts we can help you be part of the Indian economic miracle.

Who can we help ?

We believe passionately in the Indian growth story, so contact us to discuss your requirements.

For further details on the Indian growth story see INDIA OPPORTUNITY

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